Customer is the King, now really.

The market in which you participate, now is created only by you. The store in charge of that region must take care of its customers and their selling power.

Reduce money needed for you gas, bus etc.
Time for better things, spending with family and friends.
Moving you out of traffic leaves you without stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Starp define the product price?

Absolutely,no. Shops are the ones who create prices, but making them to stay in the region with profit, they’re forced to define prices affordable for the region they’re selling in.

Does customer needs to pay something additional to the price listed on checkout?

Absolutely, no. Everything listed in the app, on the payment checkout, is the only customer needs to pay in order to receive order.

Is it possible to buy from another region?

Yes, it is possible. Desired address belongs to some region and for that address and selected region, customer will be presented with products for that particular region. Customer is able to change desired address in every moment.

Is there any prohibitions on buying products?

Starp does not support the sale of offensive and pornographic products. Alcoholic products require customers to be adult and showing any ID on delivery, confirming that statement.