Drive less, earn more!

Well designed regions allow every delivery service to be more frendly to their drivers, enabling them to drive less milage with more earning.
No more riding through entire city just for one order!


New market

In a moment where everyone struggles with existing customers, we offer you enter new market.


Preferring services with eco friendly vehicles, we will make your fleet better and more sustainable.

No More Long Rides

Maintaining delivery in desired region gives you highly defined, short and well-known routes.

100% Earning

Everything you earned stays yours. 0% Fee.

More Than One

Enabling multiple delivery in one-way allows you earning more.

Fair Play

Every participant receives delivery making work pressure aligned.

Your Delivery Service Future Is Here

You see your delivery service as a good partner, or you want to become official delivery service for some particular region?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Starp define your working hours?

No. Your working hours are defined by contract your have with your delivery service, but official delivery service for particular region must aligned working hours with shop region is handled by.

Do you have rights to participate in another region?

Absolutely, yes, but assigning another or additional delivery service to region with already assigned service needs official approvement and justified logistical requirements.

Do we need to be advertised through app?

Advertising delivery service through our apps are free feature every delivery service has while participant in some region. Though delivery service information must be presented to the user on order checkout, you can opt out to be advertised.

Does service have to have eco-friendly vehicles?

Delivery service fleet policy stays their and we are not directly interfere. Keep in mind that we keep right to give advantage to delivery service which prefer eco-friendly vehicles and probably not-eco-service will be replaced for particular region.